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Industrial Piercing Jewelry

We have researched the Internet and the suppliers with the best prices for industrial piercing jewelry we found are listed here.

Finding industrial piercing jewelry on the Internet for great prices can be difficult.  We have done the work for you. 

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What to Look for in Selecting Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Getting the right industrial piercing jewelry is just as important as getting a good piercer. Quality can vary immensely and by having the right industrial jewelry at the start you can save yourself some pain and embarrassment down the road.


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First of all, the best materials to use are 18kt gold, titanium or surgical stainless steel. These metals are much more resistant to rusting or staining effects from body fluids or blood, and are able to be sterilized before the procedure fairly simply.

A good piercer will sterilize your jewelry choice for you ahead of the appointment.

When initially getting the piercing, use a fairly standard and simple shaped long and straight barbell, with threaded balls at either end. This will allow for easy cleaning of the holes and it won’t be likely to catch on hair or bedding etc.

It’s best to leave it at least three months before changing jewelry to allow the holes to heal properly. Using a standard barbell in this time will let you get used to having something new on that ear without it being painful or difficult to maneuver around. If you have to remove it then make sure you replace the bar as soon as practically possible each time to minimize risks of the holes closing over. 



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Once your initial piercing period is over, there are some fantastic options for industrial ear jewelry out there.

You can interchange the balls on the end to suit your mood, clothes or hair color whenever you like and it’s simply a matter of matching the thread size.

Make sure when changing balls that they are tight enough not to come undone but not so tight you’ll be stuck with one type forever, or need to use pliers to remove them.

The choices in balls or novelty shaped end fasteners are endless with a large range available in most piercing stores as well as online.
Following the healing period you can use completely separate ear jewelry in each hole if you prefer. This widens the choice when it comes to selecting a style to suit you; however the support of the industrial barbell shouldn’t be underestimated and will help support the structure of the area pierced and minimize trauma to the area.

If you elect to use novelty fasteners, stick to a barbell that is high grade metal. While using cheaper alternative for specific occasions, they are intended for short term use and could cause problems or infection if you leave them in for long periods of time. Alternatively they could also break, causing damage to the holes you have worked so hard to heal correctly, leaving you with scarred tissue and closed up piercing, unable to repeat the piercing in the same area.

The range of industrial piercing jewelry is extraordinary and you should be able to find a product to suit your needs without any major problem. Look for words like surgical stainless steel in the name or packaging to ensure quality fittings for your new look.

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